Fast and Furious world

Hey Don’t worry ! This is not about Vin Diesel or his movie franchise which exist for past few decades. This is real rather fiction. This is about the relation of human to human, how fast the human has evolved but how much compassion has reduced among them. In the last few centuries, humans haveContinue reading “Fast and Furious world”

The Zest of Sunset

Life always has many moments to live for, Some moment of life are really special- A kiss,A love,A sunset,A sunrise Not Any will ever reenact in quite the same way. Talking about special moments really drives me to “The Sunsets” When the sun sets,it does remind about end to come. But by this time, youContinue reading “The Zest of Sunset”

Frame of Emotions

What’s your message? When things seem stagnant, When the whole shebang makes you dawdle, When you try to get rid of the broken you, There is always an answer around you,  And Answers always doesn’t come in form of words. Just look around If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if aContinue reading “Frame of Emotions”