The Farmer

Hi Dear,

Its been a longtime meeting you!! You know I got a lot to think before posting this blog today, you know why because I was left with many choices to write about, isn’t it funny? Well having many choices at times can be tricky ! Seriously want to give a try ?? try spending a day in a Library or do try an ice-cream parlor.

Well, there was one thought which was hovering in my mind since my recent trip to the countryside. And guess what that thought could be? By now you might have come across many questions in your mind’s eye. Some might think it’s about ‘The Farmer Protest’ and some might say it’s the Greens of farm and the list goes on isn’t it?

I stopped by a field where I saw farmers and their wives working under the scorching sun. While seeing them I was curious to talk to them. When they saw me walking towards them, one of the farmer’s wife in loud voice says ‘veyil romba iruku ma pathu vanga’(sun is so hot, you may not be able to cope with it).Those words really surprised me! though she herself working under the same hot sun irrespective of her age.

Meet ‘Alamelu’ ,she is around 70 years old yet walking bare foot on the fields. Seeing her something stirred me up and I mean it.

When I asked ‘What keeps you doing it?’ With a broad smile, she replied.‘Idhu than ma ye vazhakiyae’(This is my life).Her entire tone and gestures changed when she said it.

There was a modest yet visible passion behind every word she spoke. When she shared her day’s routine, which did start before the sunrise and goes on even after the sunset. I felt her passion for her land and work. She was very proud to share her favorite cattle’s name as she talked about her farm animals. Where I felt her love for the lifeforms around her.

I totally forgot my time by talking to her. When I was about to leave, she asked if she can offer me something? Before I could answer something, she handed me the bunch of the days harvest with a big smile on her face. which was priceless indeed.

Speaking about Alamelu-The farmer made me realize that :

  • Her relationship with her work is as important as any good relationship is.
  • They do not have much but they are happy to share what they have.
  • Despite all the uncertainty and resentment, seeing the green waving around in the wind never fails to bring a smile in the face. Without her or any other farmer, i felt that the work, the land, would not be as good.

I believe this experience happened to me so that I can share the valuable lessons of my life:

  • To Treat every farmer you meet with due respect, in every possible way. It can be of any form. Since its their hard work which turns into three times meal on your plate.
  • Their passion and love for the work has definitely made an impact on the my thoughts. The passion and the love for what we do wakes us up each day inching to get up to our necks. It makes us concealed with it. It makes us to be a part of it.

Want to know what you should be doing with your life? Find what makes you get up to your neck.


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